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How works Fix your wordpress Check your wordpress errors

Wperrorfixer is a 1 or 3 step process.

  • Step 1-Find. Using our checker WordPress error tool, Wperrorfixer interrogates your WordPress account in order to find your problem. When it is found you can proceed to Step 2-Request Fix.
    Occasionally we encounter an error that can't be found or can't be fixed. This doesn't mean your error is particularly rare or complex, it's often more to do with the individual set-ups of the different web hosting companies. In these cases we will suggest some next steps that you can take to resolve your problem.

  • Step 2-Request Fix. If you want Wperrorfixer to make the repair for you, then the next step is for you to go to the Wperrrorfixer Repair Request screen (below) where you'll be asked where you'll be asked to enter data,your user and FTP password so that Wperrorfixer can access your website and make the necessary changes. You will probably find your data from your FTP account in your hosting in your menu related web hosting and/or manage and/or setting...

  • Step 3-Fix. To start the fix hit the Fix-your-WordPress button at the bottom of the screen and the progress bar will appear and show you the fix status, this should not take long. On completion you will get one of two things:

    - Either you will get the message that your WordPress has been fixed and details of the error that was found and the fix that was implemented.
    - Or you will get the message that WPerrorfixer was unable to fix your error. This doesn't happen often and it doesn't mean your error is particularly rare or complex, it's often more to do with the individual set-ups of the different web hosting companies. WPerrorfixer will provide you with details of the error that was found and suggestions for the next steps you need to take to either fix it yourself or pass on to your Hosting Company.
In all cases WPerrorfixer deletes your FTP password from our records. We suggest that you reset your password as soon as possible, it's good practice.

Why does WPerrorFixer need your FTP password ?

WPerrorFixer needs to access your WordPress files in order to fix them, and for that we need your password. As soon as the fix is complete WPerrorFixer will delete your password from our system and you are free to change it; in fact we recommend that you do, for both security and for your peace of mind. An alternative way of using WPerrorFixer to fix your files without giving out your password is to create a duplicate FTP account and run WPerrorFixer against that, take the fix and then delete the duplicate account.

However the main advantage of using WPerrorFixer is that it's quick, simple to use and requires no specialist or technical knowledge, we wouldn't recommend creating duplicate accounts and files to anyone without some FTP experience. Other solutions may be available if you Google them but they are unlikely to be as quick, safe and simple to use as WPerrorFixer's automated ones. Please remember that our service is dependent on your recommendations, sharing your WPerrorFixer experiences with others via social media or websites, and your donations.

The Wperrorfixer.com Repair Request Screen.
Fill this form to www.wperrorfixer.com, we will delete the ftp password and also you can change it in your hosting company when WPerrorFixer finishes this processs.
Remember check always the domain is wperrorfixer.com before write your password, we won't buy other domain extensions or some mispelling and then some people can create fake tools to steal your password, and obviously we'll never send you any email or any message of any kind requesting your password for any reason.
Before write your password , you should user our checker error tool. If it doesn't found your error, WPerrorFixer can't repair it.

Main page from your WordPress(URL):
URL with the error:
Ftp Server:
Directory (*):
(*) Directory of server where we can find the WordPress files.
If you don't know, don't write anything and WPerrorFixer can find it.
Ftp Port (Default 21):
You should create a FTP user with the only access to the WordPress Files.
The permission must be for this user read,write and execute.
If you don't know how to do ,you can use your normal FTP user.
WPerrorFixer can work in both ways.
FTP User:
FTP Password:
Repeat FTP Password:
To avoid bots.

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